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8 jul 2008


Who is Maike Sierra

Maike Sierra was born in Nov 1970 in a catholic family in Santiago of Chile.

It’s was back in 1993, when he was starting to experiment personal experiences where he were contacted by beings looking like humans or almost human in other cases, on several experiences that take him to involve in the UFO reality for better or worst.

The contact has continuing since then where he has been having personal interaction and getting valuable information for the human kind. Some experiences were shared with other people having pictures, and videos that change the perception of the phenomenon to them dramatically.
Maike’s Work

Since then first experiences Maike starting a personal crusade in order to show other people, that we are not alone in the world and how others entities are in our reality, helping us to evolve as persons.

“They are here everywhere, in the science, religions and social environment, are with us working for the humanity with love”. Maike said.

Since years Maike starting to share some of his experiences on the web using the site

More information also you can found here on others sites maintained by Maike’s personal effort:

His information has inspired to other people to share information that has been included on his site and is used as reference for investigators on Spanish speaking.

Recently Maike has open an account on where he put a small part of his experience on video in order to share with others more information that is valuable for any who is interested in the phenomenon locally.

Maike’s Ufologist support

Since the begging of the events Maike starting to contact ufologist, researchers and others professionals in order to explain that he was mentally healthy. One of them was the psiquiatric Dr Mario Dussuel Jurado who is also a well recognized as local UFO researcher for 30 years who has study cases of abductions on people and military persons and has been speaker in UFO congress.

As a Doctor and personal friend of Maike now, Dr Dussuel has been sharing the process of Maike to transform him self in a contactee, sharing some experiences of UFO sighting together in places around Chile.

The experiences to the Dr Dussuel was the confirmation that Maike was mentally fine (or both crazy) and join them as brothers on UFO experiences that they never forget.

Other ufologist and researcher is Mr. ALBERTO URQUIZA who is a respected local researcher who has been starting to investigate the Maike’s phenomenon and became a Maike’s friend since then.

Mr. Alberto created the GEO Corporation on the web where the people can read interesting information about some phenomenons not UFO only.

An interview of Aberto Urquiza you can found here:

Mr. Alberto has been starting to work in a project for a local program intended to show the paranormal world. That Is called Encuentros (Encounters), and is scheduling to appear in local channel 54 soon. A preview of the program you can see here.

Maike has been assistant to Mr. Alberto as an advisor on the program, involving in a part of the production doing a support behind camera.

Maike’s Ability

As result of the encounters with superior beings Maike have ability to take picture of UFO everywhere, with his camera first alone and after on presence of other people.

In other to improve the experience Maike invite to other people to take pictures with his own camera to make sure that the objects are captured by other people in his presence.

Recently on January 5th 2008 Maike makes an open invitation on his web site in other to join people who want to have a personal UFO experiences on the mountain, on a challenge that few people can accept, but no one can offer.

The experience was incredible, more than 30 people around the place takes his own pictures and were having a visual or personal experience that change their life for ever.

Maike is not a UFO researcher and is not an ufologist. He is a contactee who has been working to open people’s mind in Chile.

Maike invite who ever want to experience the UFO sight with an experience that changes a person, here or on other places.

Maike’s experiences cross borders

As result of the last encounter on January with Maike, people that come from other countries to the encounter has been starting to experiment his own experience back to home.

That is the case of Rodrigo Brondino from Argentina who said that Maike’s experience facilitates his own contact and now he takes UFO pictures by him self.

Like Rodrigo Brondino said on his page.

“Who have the direct contact is Maike and he teaches me to “transmit” o “receive“, to pictures or captures on tape… I am on debt with him”.

Rodrigo Brondino.

Sure an experience that Rodrigo never forget that transform himself in a true believer.

Why Chile

Everybody knows that Chile is a hot area on UFO sighting and is a reference on Latino America for any experienced researcher who is looking for a true UFO sight. Wherever north or south the experiences on Chile are reported by hundred or thousands locally.

Chile is well known also by the Friendship Island that is an extraterrestrial underground site located in a mystery island on the south of Chile that has been investigated for some local TV reports.

Some people that have been there mention been in a modern city underground with artifacts that are not from this planet and few others has been reported to be cured from final cancer from super humans that seem having a high technology.

Human or Angels, true or false, with such mysteries how Chile would not be important for UFO researchers?

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