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10 jul 2008

jueves 10 de julio de 2008

An important declaration today on the part of Chilean MAIKE SIERRA would confirm in the next days the possibility abiertamente of showing but to photographies of the strangers beings the past contacted who it in mountain 6 of Julio of the 2008.

There is another person that I participate in this experience during afternoon of the 6 of July that confirms, the S-event absolutely real since all the video cameras and photography managed to register strangers phenomena for more than 3 hours time in which we remained in the place of hills.

This incredible interaction between Maike and these strangers beings occurred later of a strange dream in the place one hour before the appearance of these beings, which would confirm definitively existed a preparation on the part of these beings minutes before the experience.

We leave the vehicle and is where is the sudden appearance of them, those here that leave squared which it is abre in the air, a something that does not have rational explanation.

Two beings are placed behind Maike not to be registered by the video camera, today we can say with total security they, these strangers beings knew that we were video recording in land with our equipment everything what occurred in the place.

I feel today surprised not to say exceeded by this experience the images cause to me but astonishment that fear, the beings see themselves totally inoffensive friendly seemed that they are with a very dear friend are happy.

They occurred time to realise a pile of things in the place even speak to him to Maike front moving its hands, is another one behind which can be seen uses gloves and boots take the camera from Maike with their hand.

Minutes later Maike it watches the photography and another one of these beings also begins to see what Maike photographed.

Their bodies shine full of light and suddenly they change, in a while while the stranger to be walks next to Maike ignite the boots to him jajajaj everything is wonderful. Incredible, continuing; Their faces they leave light at moments are beautiful.

Not that but to say but he is real and it happened here in Chile, I create we must prepare us for the encounter with these people, because what he manages himself to see here they are definitively much much more advanced who we.

Words of accompanying LILY of Maike the day of the experience in the hill with the visitors.
Another additional important factor is managed to see in the images the arrival from ufos the place in amounts minutes before the experience and encounter with the extraterrestrial beings, which would confirm that these strange personages totally are related to the appearance of ufos.

The identified mountainous place like the sector of the Cajon of the Maipo, is a well-known zone by the frequent activity ufo.
This place in Chile this located to few minutes of capital Santiago of Chile, in a place where it is possible to find great amount of zones full of natural beauties.


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